An exciting magazine to get kids hooked on reading! AdventureBox is a high-quality, educational and fun magazine especially designed for the children aged 6 to 9 years old, with an eye on the British National Literacy Strategy.
In every issue you will find an exciting 44-page illustrated story, divided into manageable chapters, followed by a great section about nature, with stunning pictures and fascinating information, puzzles and games to stimulate children's literacy and reasoning skills in a fun way, as well as two hilarious comic-strips that children will love! All this in a single issue!

Magazine from the U.K., 72 pages.
"I love AdventureBox! It's even better than ice-cream!" Devon, 8 years old, U.K.

AdventureBox is a winner of the Parents’ Choice Silver Award.

Frequency: Monthly

Number of issues annually: 10


Lead Time (Print): 5 - 6 Weeks

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