After matric Lesley took a gap year to the United States. Before she left, her mother, either in jest or premonition, said: “Don’t get married and don’t join a cult” – words that would echo for more than a decade in a mind of a girl who became a woman whilst caught in the snare of what is believed to be one of the most insidious and dangerous existing cults in America. In Cult Sister Lesley shares the story of her life-changing ten years spent journeying around the United States as a member of this controversial religious group – living out of a backpack, having home births, living the freeman lifestyle, an arranged marriage to a Brother, harsh threats of losing her children and surviving in strange and glorious ways. Told largely through a series of letters between Lesley and her mother – but these letters paint an idyllic, whitewashed picture, leaving out a lot of the unpleasant realities of the difficult life Lesley chose. This is her true story.

Frequency: Annually

Number of issues annually: 1

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