A journey of discovery through nature, science and history! DiscoveryBox is a high-quality, educational and fun magazine especially designed for curious children aged 9 to 12 years old. 
In every issue, young readers will find: a section about Animals, with beautiful photographs and gripping short texts, Science through fascinating topics and experiments, Historical events presented in a lively and informative way, a trip around the globe with the World section, as well as DIY activities, games, comic-strips, fun news and much more! DiscoveryBox stimulates children's curiosity and whet their appetite for learning!

Magazine from the U.K., 54 pages."I entirely approve of the team of creative geniuses who work on DiscoveryBox. It's fun, educational and beautifully presented. Even my husband has been known to sit and read it. The kids fight over it every time it arrives! All in all, 20/20!" Jeanine, Oxford, U.K.

DiscoveryBox is a winner of the Parents’ Choice Silver Award.

Frequency: Monthly

Number of issues annually: 10


Lead Time (Print): 5 - 6 Weeks

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