If your goal is to gain mass and definition while build­ing extreme power, you’ve picked up the right guide. In this edition of Men’s Health Protein & Muscle Guide, you’ll find the muscle-maximizing moves and sweat-storm workouts you need to unleash incredible strength and see bigger results.  

It's simple:
If you want to muscle up and get ripped, you can’t skimp on protein. The essential amino acids in this nutrient are the building blocks of a truly fit, muscular body. Fortunately for you, you’re holding in your hands everything you need to know to help you use protein to build muscle. This guide will help you choose the best protein sources and supplements, get more of them in your diet, and build solid muscle like never before. Plus, you’ll find eating and workout plans that stoke your metabolism to torch flab and build the strong, hard body you want, along with just the right tips to help you keep it that way. It’s time to fuel your body and make your muscles bulge.

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