Although winter is slowly making its departure, flu season isn’t, and as usual, Lose it! The Low-Carb Way (Volume 26) has you covered! In this issue we show you how to skip those sugary syrups and lozenges and eat your immune system back to peak form - and you back to peak health. Let’s not forget, summer's around the corner and we need to hone our beach bodies. ‘Are all calories created equal?’ is one of the burning reader questions our resident expert, clinical nutritionist Ruth Marcus, answers. Lose it! believes that low-carb is more than just a diet, it’s a lifestyle, and volume 26 provides you with 31 delicious recipes including hearty winter soups, wheat-less lasagna and the best hot chocolate recipe ever! There are some great paleo desserts, too, for those following the Paleo lifestyle. Banting Buddy coach Nicky Perks discusses the role protein plays in fat loss and we show you how to spice up your workout routine while unleashing your free spirit! Losing motivation? We highlight subtle signs that your weight-loss efforts are paying off, and Nicky Perkins discusses why weight-loss patterns differ for men and women. Lose it! The LCHF way is so much more than a magazine, it’s a lifestyle dedicated to getting you back to the healthiest YOU you can be!

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