A slogan is a powerful rallying tool. But if ‘The Future is Female’, what does that mean for our sons? This month, we look at what goes into raising good men. On the other side of the coin, Jani Allan tells us about her harrowing experience as an abused wife; ‘The hell of an abused woman can never be written about enough,’ she says.  

On that note, who would have thought that Helen Mirren, of all people, would be anything other than confident? Our gorgeous cover star shares her journey to finding self-worth and her battle with insecurity.  

After 25 years in front of the camera, Bonnie Mbuli has picked quite a few tricks of the trade – and she’s happy to share them with us. She talks us through her beauty routine, and we have a thorough snoop through her makeup bag. Speaking of makeup, we also show you how to make three runway trends wearable – and the products you’ll need to craft the look at home.  

On to hot topics (pun intended): hormone replacement therapy can help you handle the madness of menopause; but is it the right choice for you? A reader charts her journey through the HRT debate.  

Marli Meyer and her entire extended family travelled to Brazil; she gives us some tips on how to do family holidays right and lists her must-do experiences, from a hike up to Corcovado and a sunset stroll along the Copacabana, to tips on where to find the best Caipirinhas. (A lot of research went into that one!)  

That’s the drinks sorted; now for the food. We handpicked some great vegan-approved recipes from Nina Olsson’s cookbook (in case you’re thinking of going meat-free), and give you some weeknight dinner inspo: delicious, nutritious and substantial family dinners – minimum effort required.  

Now’s also your chance to win a kitchen revamp: Whirlpool is giving away appliances worth R45 000!  

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