Happy New You! – Get ready to change your life! Lose It Volume 29 is packed with the latest research on low-carb living, and there’s lots to interest you – for instance: ever heard of a fasting regime that actually allows you to eat? Buckle up and find out how to fake the fast and make it. If you lost your way this holiday, Lose It has great tips on how to get back on track and revive your motivation. And if that’s not enough to get you started, Elize Delport shares her success story; 35kg lighter after going low-carb, she is healthy, strong and full of energy!

And guess what: eating LCHF doesn’t mean you have to miss out on desserts either. Volume 29 has six low-carb ice cream recipes that will have you shivering with delight. Later, you can TURN UP THE HEAT and work up a sweat with Bikram yoga, a fuel-up for endurance without the carbs. ‘A Working Lunch’ brings you healthy office meals you should try (it’ll save you moola too!) and resident LCHF expert Ruth Marcus answers your questions. From books & blogs you just have to read, to fashion, fitness and tech – and not having to sacrifice pizza nights any more, Volume 29 is packed with joyful abundance.  Make this your Year of Change – Lose It! The low-carb way!

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