Afrikaans food has a certain ring to it. It’s indulgent, comforting, rich in taste, filled with nostalgia, all about community and conversation. Think bobotie, tomato bredie, potjiekos, malva pudding and custard, roast lamb and potatoes, koeksisters, honey-gold sweet potato, waterblommetjiebredie and beskuit with your morning coffee. Some call it heritage food, others call it boerekos, we simply call it lekker South African food. And its having a moment in the spotlight. SARIE Lekker! The best of SARIE KOS is a stand-alone food magazine with more than 60 need-to-try recipes compiled from the best of SARIE’s award-winning food magazine SARIE KOS. Against the background of world-class food photography this is a complete spoil and a true taste of South Africa. Start sending out the invites – you friends and family are in for a treat.  

Frequency: Annually

Normal Cover Price: R 55.00

Number of issues annually: 1

R5500Single Issue

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