Unlike most other dietary choices, the decision to live a vegan life is based not only on what is healthier for the individual, but also on what is healthier for the planet, and it’s this that sets veganism apart. It’s an idea whose time has come: one of the many lessons we have learnt from climate change is that if we don’t take responsibility for our planet and how we live on it, there will be consequences for us all. Veganism is a huge step towards making that change. THE VEGAN LIFE is a magazine that aims to give readers all the information they need to follow their ethical choice: how to eat, where to eat when they want to eat out (we have lists of tried, tested and delicious vegan restaurants all over South Africa) and what to eat when they’re at home (there are 32 delicious recipes in this issue designed to inspire!).   But THE VEGAN LIFE much more than a manual: we know that our readers are grappling with issues every day, ranging from dealing with the nutritional questions of anxious parents to having a relook at the cosmetics they choose to buy, and where being a pet-owner, for example, fits into the ethical lifestyle choice they have made. It’s not always easy to do the right thing: THE VEGAN LIFE caters to the growing number of people in South Africa – and worldwide – who are trying to do just that. It is designed to serve an already existing and thriving vegan community, but also to answer the questions that people who are interested in veganism but who don’t know enough about it to take the final step, want to ask. A glossy, 84-page title, THE VEGAN LIFE is a must-read for anyone interested in – or already committed to – ethical eating and living.

Frequency: Annually

Normal Cover Price: R 49.00

Number of issues annually: 1

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