Whether you’re a committed vegan or transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, The Vegan Life magazine is here to help you on your journey! In the August issue our resident expert, Jessica Kotlowitz (The Green Dietitian), shares her own journey to veganism – and better health – and answers your burning questions. She also weighs in on juicing, and the vitamins you need for healthy bones. And when it comes to sustenance, you’re spoilt for choice – 34 delicious, varied and creative winter vegan recipes will put to rest any notion that a plant-based diet is boring.

Thinking of having a vegan wedding but in a tailspin over the details? We show you how to do it 100% cruelty-free and keep all your guests happy! And when it comes to cosmetic products, no animal needs to suffer ­– we bring you a range of vegan beauty brands that you can trust. Speaking of animals, ever wondered if your pet could be vegan? We investigate. There are also over 20 helpful tips and tricks to cut back on single-use plastic.

Veganism is a lifestyle that can improve our health and help us reconnect to the planet and all its inhabitants – living ethically is possible. Pick up your copy of The Vegan Life today!

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